About Us

TipsFor.us is run by:

Brian Bondari (Posts | Site) – technology enthusiast, skilled composer, ruler of the free world, and lover of fine wine, cheese, chocolate, and music. Brian is also our spell-checker-in-residence and typo-spotter.

Everett Griffiths (Posts | Site) – contributor, world traveler, visionary, guitar hero, and Perl programmer extraordinaire.

James Diemer (Posts | Site) – lighting designer, Blender maestro, Linux guru-in-training, and coffee enthusiast.

About this site

Formerly known as Habibbijan.com, TipsFor.us was started in October 2003 by Brian on a personally-hacked-together codebase. This site leans toward our ever-burgeoning interest in technology, specifically relating to operating systems, freeware, and open-source software.

In 2005 I (Brian) discovered that I enjoyed putting together articles relating to technology. One of my first articles, a review of Fedora Core 2, was picked up by OSNews and the traffic knocked my site off-line. A later article on Ghosting Windows XP for Free hit the front page of Digg.com, garnering over 1400 diggs and yes, causing my poor hosting package to cower in the corner once again.

tux_small.jpgIn August 2006 I replaced my underlying code base with WordPress to ease the maintenance time and allow for more frequent updates. In March 2008 I retired the difficult-to-remember (and pronounce!) “habibbijan” domain and re-badged the site as TipsFor.us. After all, most of the content is in the form of tips and tutorials. Everett and James also joined the team in 2008.

Though we write about a variety of topics, we proudly support GNU/Linux.

About the advertisements on this site

All of this is a hobby for us, and we do not get paid to write anything on this site. As such, we do not endorse or condone purchasing any of the products displayed in the ads. Advertisements are simply a way to pay for the efforts in keeping this site running, and it is up to the reader to discern what is worthy and what is not.

That said, none of the content that we write is influenced in any way by the advertisements. We DO NOT participate in ReviewMe or PayPerPost programs. We will also never use pop-ups or pop-unders on this site, nor will we ever load those annoying keyword content links. Hey, we don’t like obtrusive advertising either.

Support Us

Want to help support TipsFor.us? Don’t worry, we won’t beg you for donations. Instead, all we ask is that you consider disabling any ad-blocking software on our site. If you’re feeling particularly generous, consider using our Amazon.com link (US) the next time you want to make a purchase for yourself. A small percentage of your purchase will be donated to us, and none of it costs you an extra penny. Thank you!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a short list of questions that we receive most often:

Can I e-mail questions or comments to you?

Of course! Please see the contact page. We try to respond to all mail from readers.

Why don’t you write about [insert topic here]?

Maybe we just haven’t thought of it yet. Most topics that deal with technology are fair game, but we try to only write about free products and offerings. We’re open to ideas, so please see the above question.

Why don’t you post new articles every single day?

At the moment, TipsFor.us is just a hobby project, and none of us make our living as tech writers. Plus, we try to focus more on quality than quantity, and the average article that we post is 1,000+ words.

Sure, we’d love to post every day, and it IS a long-term goal. Right now, it’s just not feasible.

Can I republish your articles on my site?

NO. We’ve spent countless hours researching and writing the content for this site, and all of it is copyrighted. There’s nothing wrong with writing a similar article for your own site, or copying a blurb and posting a link to the original article, but please do not copy and paste all of our text and screenshots.

Can I write an article for TipsFor.us?

YES. Please contact us, and we’ll work out an arrangement. We’re open to both guest writers and full-time authors (paid positions).

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. Read it here.

Can I advertise on TipsFor.us?

Yes. Please see our advertising page.