Install Windows Media Player 11 on XP without WGA Headaches

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational uses only. In no way do we condone software piracy. Readers should contact Microsoft if legitimately-licensed OEM software does not properly validate.

I have a legitimate copy of Windows XP (honestly!). However, I refuse to allow any tentacle of Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) to touch my machine. I’ve read far too many horror stories of WGA falsely identifying installations of Windows as invalid, and honestly, I just don’t want to deal with the potential hassle.

If you wish to install WMP 11 on your Windows XP machine, there’s an easy way to do it without requiring WGA validation. Let’s go.

This tutorial works with either WMP 9 or version 10 as a starting base.

Step 1 – Download and Install

First of all, there’s no need to download version 11 from Microsoft’s web site. All you have to do is launch your existing version of WMP (9 or 10), go to the Tools menu, and Check for Updates.

WMP will launch an update window, download a small 1 MB file, then begin downloading WMP 11.

While the file that is downloading comes with a WGA utility, fear not. We’ll bypass it when the time comes. Just sit back and wait while WMP downloads and installs.

When it finishes, it may give you a notification that the installation failed. Don’t worry. It likely installed anyway.

Step Two – Disable WGA

The next step is very important. Before you launch the new version of WMP, you must first rename the WGA tool.

  • Browse to C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player
  • Find the file called LegitLibM.dll
  • Rename it. Something like LegitLib.dll works well.

Step Three – Launch WMP 11

Alright folks, it’s time to fail WGA validation! I’m not kidding. Launch the new version of Windows Media Player and prepare to validate.

Click the Validate button, and GASP! You just failed validation! Oh no!

Again, have no fear. WGA is broken. Just click the Finish button and continue to set up your new version of WMP.

Congratulations! You now have WMP 11 installed, all without the potential headaches of dealing with WGA. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this method will always work. Microsoft may issue an update that re-activates the WGA tool, or they may change the installation procedure. For now, this method works just fine.

Please let me know if the comments if this method no longer works.

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86 thoughts on “Install Windows Media Player 11 on XP without WGA Headaches

  1. i love u seriously do… i wasted so many f!@#$n megabytes on dling wga its not funny i love i want to hug ulol

  2. Hey I tried updating my windows media player, as per your stpes but got a message ‘You have the latest components of windows media player 9 and no update is available at this time’. What can I do to bypass this?

  3. i cannot find the file its not there in my windows media player file.what should i do.maybe its not there because i dont have windows media player 9 or 10.i have downloaded windows media player 11.the validate thing comes.can u help me.

  4. i cannot find the ‘check for update on my tool bar’ than i clicked on option and isaw check for updates and i gave me a list of time for update and i clicked one one of then but no bar poped do i do it

  5. mEn.. yOu rOck.. tNx.. i was downloading for the crack files.. it was the same from the microsoft site.. now my prob.. was solve.. tnx men.. your great.. haha..

  6. it does not seem to wrok any longer as they have added soemthing which directs to to another validations site where they require you to purchase a genuine key, the thing is mine is genuine and I had to reload it as the had drive shit itelf and relaoding it now I cannot upgrade to meida player 11

  7. dude, thank u so much….

    it helps me a lot…

    and ur technique is very simple and easy…

    for me, u are a computer genius…

    keep it up,

    so that u can help other people….

    i love u.,….

    and take care….

  8. I have to say, you are the best person ever. Mine is actually a downloaded version of Windows XP Professional from So technically it is a proper version. Never had this problem before until I re installed it. But! This helped me so much. Thanks a tonne!

  9. Oh, to add on here. I had a problem with it to. If you go to My Computer > “Your Hardrive” > Program files > Windows Media Player, and click on the Setup file, it will automatically download Media Player 11. Then do everything else this person said with changing the file name etc after it is downloaded and you reboot your computer. It works perfectly! Again, thank you.

  10. thank you! so much easier than going through all the WinRAR downloading that I thought I was going to have to do. took all of 30 seconds, you’re a genius!

  11. i cannot do it how to install the windows media player 11 bcoz the updates was block in my tool menu bars.. is there any possible ways?


  13. I love u so much it did without copy of genius software…i just rename dll file..and then say valid…finish and it works immidiately yaar…i l’m so happy…thanx yaar…

  14. I had doubts about this working initially…but it worked for so many others! Jumping thru hoops doing those other fixes sucked. This DID THE TRICK! Thank you.

  15. hey thank u soooooooooo much. ive tried to do this and researched a million other forums! but it finally worked. again …. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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