Google Chrome Browser – Get the Java Plug-in Working

As it stands now, Google Chrome is a pretty nice browser (see my review), but the Java plug-in doesn’t currently work. However, there’s an easy fix.

Google Chrome requires Java 6, update 10, which is currently in Beta. Please see this page in the Chrome Help Center.

If you want, you can also skip straight to the appropriate download on the Java site.

Once installed, you should have access to all the Java games and utilities that your heart desires!

Hope this helps someone.

12 thoughts on “Google Chrome Browser – Get the Java Plug-in Working

  1. Thank you so much! I couldn’t figure out why things weren’t working, but this fixed the problem completely (after a reboot, of course). Thank you!

  2. Hey, I play runescape and am trying out this Google Chrome Browser, I need to download the java plugin, your link only took me to an early access page for java, where on page do I go to download?

  3. Thank you very much!

    Luvandpower: try the “Latest Release” link at the top then “Doanload” the exe file.

  4. Thanks, but what i need to do, if software is not working with java6? it works only with java5, tested in IE…

  5. i also play runescape, but it keeps saying i have tot download the plugin, but i already downloaded the update 13 like 5 times…

  6. I’m using Java 1.6 Update 10, but Chrome still doesn’t think that I have Java installed. Back to Firefox, I guess.

  7. Well, Chrome for Mac OS has been out for over a year now, and the Java plug-in still doesn’t work. It’s really not possible to use this as a serious browser until it does.

    1. Where did you find the java plugin? On the latest release download page for the JDK version 6 update 21 I did not see OSX listed as an available platform.

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