Ubuntu 6.10 – borked installer

Here’s a little tip for anyone considering installing the latest Ubuntu 6.10 “Edgy Eft” – DON’T.

Actually, that’s a bit drastic. You just might not be able to do it in the first place.

You might run into a problem with the installer. Specifically, even when you select a “root” partition, the installer might doggedly insist that there is “no root file system (/).” No matter how much you insist that there REALLY IS a root file system, the installer doesn’t believe it. Inexcusable.

If you still really want to install Ubuntu 6.10, try installing from the alternate install CD. This one supposedly works.

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One thought on “Ubuntu 6.10 – borked installer

  1. Update: the problem seems to be that my “root” partition was previously formatted as reiserfs. I used SystemRescueCD to reformat the partition to ext3, and then the Ubuntu 6.10 installer worked just fine.

    So, either this is a serious bug or the Ubuntu installer has dropped support for reiserfs.

    Once I got past this serious problem, Ubuntu “Edgy Eft” is running well.

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