Death of the DSL Modem

It’s that time of year again. The weather is cooling, the leaving are changing color, and the 2Wire DSL modem dies a painful death. Yes, that’s right. Just like last year, my POS DSL modem gave up the ghost again. To be fair, lightning was to blame last year. This year, it sputtered and finally popped all on its own, and I have no idea why. Perhaps e-coli is the real culprit here?

Last year I made the mistake of buying a brand new modem from the SBC DSL store – after fighting my way through various script readers in India named “Sarah” asking if I tried deleting my cookies, I finally got ahold of a native speaker who swiftly separated me from over $100 in exchange for YACCM (Yet Another Crappy Chinese Modem). I’ve learned my lesson now.

Rather than spend another $100+ on YACCM, I’m monitoring eBay for an older model of 2Wire modem (1000HW). With only thirteen minutes left, I’m a current high bidder on one right now (at $5.50). After watching a few other sales, I’m sure I can get one for less than $20. Sure I’ll sacrifice 802.11g speed for 802.11b. No problem. I’m also saving over $80.

It may be YACCM, and it may not last more than a year, but given my experience, neither do the new ones either.

One thought on “Death of the DSL Modem

  1. Update: I won the auction! I’m the proud new owner of an “older” 2Wire modem. Including shipping, the total price is $18.03. That’s not bad at all!

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