Get Automatix…

Want to know the fastest and most simple way to a complete Linux desktop that I’ve tried?

Ubuntu plus Automatix.

Why Ubuntu? It looks good. It’s easy to install, as one can install it directly from the live CD. Its community support is HUGE. Plus, Gnome suits my fancy. Yes, a number of other distros meet this description as well, but they don’t all have Automatix available.

What is Automatix? From their site, “Automatix is a graphical interface for automating the installation of the most commonly requested applications in Ubuntu linux.” In other words, it’s a huge time-saver. No longer does one have to edit apt sources and search through Synaptic or apt-cache to install the packages that most everyone wants. With Automatix, one can choose various multimedia codecs plus DVD support (which are not in Ubuntu by default for legal reasons), popular programs (like Skype, Picassa, Google Earth, and Frostwire), and even certain drivers, such as Nvidia video drivers.

I’ve had my days of running Arch and Gentoo Linux. While they are both great distros, I’d rather spend my time now using Linux rather than configuring and maintaining it. To each his own. I can leisurely install Ubuntu with Automatix and have everything ready in about an hour.
For the record, Automatix is also available for Mepis.