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So I’ve been making an icon set for my workstation for awhile, adding the occasional icon when I installed a new program. I finally created enough that Brian recommended I release them on here.  I’m a big fan of visual cohesion within my desktop environment, and Icons are a big part of that.  The problem was, I needed an icon set that would function aesthetically well on both my Server 2008 machine’s Aero look and my KDE4 laptop.  This is my compromise in a (mostly) clear glass look that would function on my home office PC, my admin locked down work PC, and my Linux laptop.

The release contains approximately 57 of my most-used icons. To see what’s included, click the thumb below.

The basic layout is like this:

With a variation on the color for each category. (System = Yellow, Internet = Purple, Media = Green, Office = Red, Graphics = Blue)

The typeface is pretty small overall on these fonts (except for the 3 letter abbreviation) so these icons work best when used on a dock with a Zoom effect.  After a day or two you will know exactly what each one is, but new users may need to glide the mouse over to see.

I intend to add more icons when I have time so if you see a common program (not an incredibly obscure one), that could benefit most people who downloaded this, let me know in the comments. I will try and put out a new version when I get a few requests.

You can get it here (or click the icon below):


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