Google Launches Sync for Mobile Phones – General Acclamation Ensues

Google Sync icon Earlier this week Google launched the Beta version of Sync – free tools for synchronizing your mobile phone’s Contacts and Calendar with your Google account.

Phones supported by Sync include the Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.

As you might suspect, I’m quite excited about Google Sync, and I’m glad to see Windows Mobile support included. I’ve written a few articles already on syncing Windows Mobile Contacts and Calendar with varying services, all without Outlook. Here are some previous tutorials:

  1. Sync Your Windows Mobile Contacts and Calendar Using Funambol for FREE (article link)
  2. Sync Your Windows Mobile Contacts and Calendar with Plaxo, Thunderbird, and Google for FREE (article link)
  3. Sync Your Phone’s Contacts and Calendar with Google for Free using NuevaSync (article link)

I’m definitely going to try my hand at setting up Google Sync, and am especially curious to see how it compares with the mighty NuevaSync. Expect future articles and opinions related to this topic in the near future.

In the meantime, if you have already tried Google Sync, I’d love to hear some thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Google Launches Sync for Mobile Phones – General Acclamation Ensues

  1. I was hoping someone might know how to sync MULTIPLE calendars with Outlook. When I say Multiple Calendars I mean I have 1 GMAIL account… In the Calendar section I have several labels for Calendars. This allows me to visually see say my Work in one color, Personal stuff in another calendar, Workout Schedual in another color etc… All software I have ever used only syncs the very first Calendar that you make in GMAIL Calendars. Anyone done this?

  2. The only time the free multiple calendar sync worked was when I used Nuevasync. Of course, some appointments without time slots (all day appointments in MS Outlook) became duplicates. I’m going to try to Google Sync now.

  3. Google Sync works all right, and it’s pretty spiffy. Now I can have Thunderbird, My Moto Q, and Gmail all synced. Sadly Gmail is a little funny in how they handle addresses so that may not sync for you (I have Thunderbird acting as my primary source). Additionally you can only sync one calendar with Google Sync, whatever your primary calendar is, no others. Definite advantage to Nuevasync there, allowing the 1 way sync of multiple calendars and the 2 way sync of one of them.

    Nuevasync still seems better to me, seems to handle contact names better to. With Google they go in “Last, First” on my list, with Nuevasync it’s however I have them written out in Gmail/Thunderbird, it even syncs over the contact pictures from Gmail.

    No push email yet from either service. If gmail starts offering that I will probably switch to using Google Sync even though it’s not as clean as Nuevasync yet.

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