Synchronize Your Ubuntu System Clock with Internet Time Servers

Note: This guide was written for Ubuntu 8.10, but any GNOME-based Linux system should be similar.

If you want your Ubuntu system clock to stay in sync with Internet time servers, follow these simple instructions.

Step 1 – Open Time and Date

Go to the System menu → Administration → Time and Date.

Step 2 – Unlock

Click the Unlock button and enter your password for authorization.

Step 3 – Install NTP

Once unlocked, switch the Configuration from Manual to Keep synchronized with Internet servers.

If NTP (Network Time Protocol) is not installed on your Ubuntu system, you will be prompted to install it.

Curiously, my Time and Date configuration settings remained stuck on Manual until I closed and re-opened it.

Step 4 – Choose Time Server (optional)

The next time you open Time and Date on Ubuntu, you will have the option to select a time server.

The default choice is, though feel free to select a different time server (or add your own).

Pretty neat stuff. May your system clock always stay in sync.

5 thoughts on “Synchronize Your Ubuntu System Clock with Internet Time Servers

  1. THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to figure this out ever since I went to 8.10! 2 of my laptops have dead onboard batteries so the time would always go back to November 10, 2008 at 8:43am whenever I turned them on. It was so annoying to have to manually set the time every time I turned the laptop on.

    Thank you so much! Many many headaches have been relieved now!

  2. Yeah, it kind of worked for me in 10.06. The only problem is that I cannot enable NTP support.

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