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Google adds themed homepages

I admit: I’m a fan of the Google homepage. I use it to organize and keep track of a lot of information, including my calendar, e-mail, weather, To-Do list, bookmarks, and more. I love the slick ability to simply drag elements around on the page, or the option to create additional tabs with more information.

This morning I noticed a new option: the ability to select a theme. There are currently seven themes available, and my favorite is “Tea House.” After you select a theme, you can enter your city/zip code to enable slight changes depending on the time of day. It is currently evening here, and my theme reflects it (see screenshot).


Nice! I wonder if Google will allow for user creation and customization of themes. In a way, I hope not. Most people have horribly bad taste anyhow, if Myspace custom pages are any indication. Anyway, the changing Google themes are a welcome aesthetic touch to an already functional homepage.

Most popular search term?

It’s become quite apparent to me through watching my web stats that the vast majority of visitors to this site come here for one main reason: GHOST!

That’s right. Most of you arrive at this site by searching for something like “ghost windows free.” My high ranking in the major search engines for terms such as these has caused a steady stream of traffic over the last few months. Naturally, the article that is causing this traffic is the one titled Ghost Windows XP for Free.

I find it ironic, of course. I take pride in my support of open-source software, and the most popular article on my site is for closed-source freeware on imaging a closed-source operating system. 🙂

The masses have spoken through their search requests. In the future I’ll dedicate some of my energies to extending this topic. Happy reading.

Google Sync (for Firefox)

Do you have more than one computer, or do you find yourself in situations where you use more than one computer regularly (such as work/home)? Do you use Firefox?

If so, you owe it to yourself to try Google Browser Sync. This slick little extension for Firefox allows you to syncronize certain aspects of the browser across multiple computers. With Browser Sync, you can unify bookmarks, cookies, history, passwords, tabs, and windows “automagically.”


This is very convenient for me, as syncing bookmarks saves a lot of importing and editing time across multiple systems, and being able to close a set of tabbed pages and home and open them at work is very slick.

It serves its purpose well, but I would like to see an option to syncronize more aspects of the browser, such as themes and other extensions. Perhaps this will be possible one day. Until then, Google Browser Sync is a highly useful extension that can save lots of manual tweaking time.

Hilarious ads…

I just added that AdSense banner on the right (hey, I have to pay for my hosting somehow), and I noticed that three of the four ads currently relate to Islam. Since Google is pushing “targetted” ads based on keywords that it finds on my site, I curiously started looking to see what on earth would cause them to focus so much on Islam.

Then I found it. This is terrible, but it has to be the case. My WordPress “tagline” above reads, “not a terrorist.” Based on that one volatile word alone, Google automatically associates it with “Islam.” How funny. Click the image below for proof.