5 Shortcomings of the iPhone 3G


Well, since I’m on the topic this week, I thought I’d mention my main grievances with my iPhone 3G.

1. Short battery life. My Motorola Razor could last a couple days without charging… perfect if I ended up crashing at a friend’s house or forgot my charger while traveling. But the iPhone pretty much needs juice every night. Moreover is that it seems inconsistent with its consumption rate. I don’t really understand how and when it’s doing stuff on the sly… like I THINK I turn it off, but it might secretly be gathering whether reports from Cuba or calculating the Shopping Days Until Christmas. (see my earlier rant).

2. Text messages don’t display dates and times on each message. I’m pretty forgetful, so sometimes I want to look back and find out when I texted someone… e.g. “Where were you on the night of the 22nd?” “Uh… I was at home.” “WHEN were you home?” “Oh, I texted my friend at… uh… oh crap…” I can just see someone going to jail for this somehow.

3. Keyboard is Vertical only. The Texting and Mailing apps don’t let you rotate the screen so you can have a WIDE keyboard… they’re stuck upright and cramped.

4. Can’t copy and paste text. Like say I’m surfing the web (cool)… then I want to send that link to a friend… uh… simple, yet impossible.

5. You can’t download stuff from web sites and save them to a file system. Yar. Even if you download them on your computer, it’s a tangled web of work-arounds to get files onto your phone. I’m stuck even trying to get my photo libraries on my phone… I know it’s possible, but I was stumped for about 5 minutes, then moved on to other more important things… like being a consumer whore (har har).

3 thoughts on “5 Shortcomings of the iPhone 3G

  1. Another iPhone shortcoming that seriously irks me is the fact that you can’t send or receive multi-media texts. If someone sends an image, you get a little note saying “I sent you a multimedia message. You can view my message w/in the next 7 days via the web at http://www.viewmymessage.com” with a MSG ID and a Password. So you end up having to scribble down the id and password, then head over to Safari and hope your connection doesn’t get clobbered. Sigh… it’s is TEXTING after all, not IMAGING, but I was surprised by this limitation.

    Yes, there are lots of limitations and places where the phone could be improved, but on the whole I’m still happy with its features.

  2. This is all old news. 3.0 gives you all this and more. MMS, landscape, copy and paste ,apps now with blutooth stereo. Trun-by-Trun.

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