Install Windows Media Player 11 on XP without WGA Headaches

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational uses only. In no way do we condone software piracy. Readers should contact Microsoft if legitimately-licensed OEM software does not properly validate.

I have a legitimate copy of Windows XP (honestly!). However, I refuse to allow any tentacle of Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) to touch my machine. I’ve read far too many horror stories of WGA falsely identifying installations of Windows as invalid, and honestly, I just don’t want to deal with the potential hassle.

If you wish to install WMP 11 on your Windows XP machine, there’s an easy way to do it without requiring WGA validation. Let’s go.

This tutorial works with either WMP 9 or version 10 as a starting base.

Step 1 – Download and Install

First of all, there’s no need to download version 11 from Microsoft’s web site. All you have to do is launch your existing version of WMP (9 or 10), go to the Tools menu, and Check for Updates.

WMP will launch an update window, download a small 1 MB file, then begin downloading WMP 11.

While the file that is downloading comes with a WGA utility, fear not. We’ll bypass it when the time comes. Just sit back and wait while WMP downloads and installs.

When it finishes, it may give you a notification that the installation failed. Don’t worry. It likely installed anyway.

Step Two – Disable WGA

The next step is very important. Before you launch the new version of WMP, you must first rename the WGA tool.

  • Browse to C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player
  • Find the file called LegitLibM.dll
  • Rename it. Something like LegitLib.dll works well.

Step Three – Launch WMP 11

Alright folks, it’s time to fail WGA validation! I’m not kidding. Launch the new version of Windows Media Player and prepare to validate.

Click the Validate button, and GASP! You just failed validation! Oh no!

Again, have no fear. WGA is broken. Just click the Finish button and continue to set up your new version of WMP.

Congratulations! You now have WMP 11 installed, all without the potential headaches of dealing with WGA. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this method will always work. Microsoft may issue an update that re-activates the WGA tool, or they may change the installation procedure. For now, this method works just fine.

Please let me know if the comments if this method no longer works.

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86 thoughts on “Install Windows Media Player 11 on XP without WGA Headaches

  1. I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u r jus’ awesome…..whr do u get these ideas, man!!!!!
    seriously, if i knew whou were i would have taken no time to kiss ya

  2. i need help can you tell me why when update the copy of WMP10(via the above link) i get this message ( An unexpected error has occured. setup was not able to detect any
    Windows Media Updates. Please try again later.) Thank you in advanced

  3. Brian! Thank you so much buddy! You really saved me a lot more headaches trying to load media %$#@ing player 11! works great now. Such a simple fix, just changing the dll file, and it works!!

  4. Okay all,

    I just tried this magic trick and it still is very magical today april 21 2010! Bless you !

  5. Tere!
    Kahjuks minul ebaõnnestus sedaviisi proovimine kasutan windows xp rofessional servis park 3 ei tea kas põhjus selles või mis aga minul jäi ikka peale windows media player 9 🙁

  6. Great. By the way if you can’t find “Check for Updates” in Tools, you can check the Help menu. The Check for Updates was just transferred there in Help.

  7. Dude: You are KING. I have been so frustrated trying to get this to work. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

  8. Thanks a lot for short cut method, i spend lot of time for this…… use…but finally i got it..with in few min……..great stuff from you……..

  9. thank you so much! my windows is also legit, i bought and installed it myself, but microsoft said i was running counterfeit software. although i have counterfeit warnings all over my pc now because it failed validation, i have wmp11 (: lol, i can fix the counterfeit warnings tomorrow. it’s not problem. personally, i think they need to get their wga bugs worked out. also, just thank you, your steps were so easy to understand.

  10. An expected error has occured. Setup was not able to detect any windows media updates. please try again later … thanks dick you never helped me at all

  11. It still seems to work! I installed a genuine copy of windows but I kept getting the run around with the WGA check nonsense. Thanks a million!

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