System guts updated

The motherboard on my main machine (P4 2.66, Intel 865PE) started going south a week ago. I experienced a few hard locks and infamous blue screens (the stop errors of which are impossible to decipher). The biggest problem was that after a reboot, the mother board would start its POST procedure, count the RAM, and freeze. After a few minutes, it would reboot on its own and repeat the procedure. When the planets aligned correctly, it would boot perfectly and run for several hours before crashing again.

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Discovering Writely…

Today I discovered Writely. Along the lines of Google Browser Sync, this free tool is useful for anyone who spends time between multiple computers. The difference here is that Writely is a free on-line word processor. Files are stored on-line, meaning that you can easily move from computer to computer and continue to work on the same file(s) without the “save – backup – move to other computer – save” shuffle.

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Get Automatix…

Want to know the fastest and most simple way to a complete Linux desktop that I’ve tried?

Ubuntu plus Automatix.

Why Ubuntu? It looks good. It’s easy to install, as one can install it directly from the live CD. Its community support is HUGE. Plus, Gnome suits my fancy. Yes, a number of other distros meet this description as well, but they don’t all have Automatix available.

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Google Sync (for Firefox)

Do you have more than one computer, or do you find yourself in situations where you use more than one computer regularly (such as work/home)? Do you use Firefox?

If so, you owe it to yourself to try Google Browser Sync. This slick little extension for Firefox allows you to syncronize certain aspects of the browser across multiple computers. With Browser Sync, you can unify bookmarks, cookies, history, passwords, tabs, and windows “automagically.”


This is very convenient for me, as syncing bookmarks saves a lot of importing and editing time across multiple systems, and being able to close a set of tabbed pages and home and open them at work is very slick.

It serves its purpose well, but I would like to see an option to syncronize more aspects of the browser, such as themes and other extensions. Perhaps this will be possible one day. Until then, Google Browser Sync is a highly useful extension that can save lots of manual tweaking time.

Once again… detecting IE with PHP

The following is a remake of a post from my old site. I’m reposting it here due to its apparent popularity.

A friend sent me a link to explorer destroyer. It?s an interesting idea – detect whenever someone views your site with Internet Explorer and present them with the option to download Firefox. After some thought, I realized that one can use PHP to do a similar thing.

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Hilarious ads…

I just added that AdSense banner on the right (hey, I have to pay for my hosting somehow), and I noticed that three of the four ads currently relate to Islam. Since Google is pushing “targetted” ads based on keywords that it finds on my site, I curiously started looking to see what on earth would cause them to focus so much on Islam.

Then I found it. This is terrible, but it has to be the case. My WordPress “tagline” above reads, “not a terrorist.” Based on that one volatile word alone, Google automatically associates it with “Islam.” How funny. Click the image below for proof.


Audio Player

I recently found a nifty plugin called Audio Player for WordPress. Its sole purpose is to embed audio files (mp3) into one’s WordPress site and use a little flash player to control the playback of said file. I think it’s pretty sweet.

To see it in action, go here. Look halfway down the page.