Discovering Writely…

Today I discovered Writely. Along the lines of Google Browser Sync, this free tool is useful for anyone who spends time between multiple computers. The difference here is that Writely is a free on-line word processor. Files are stored on-line, meaning that you can easily move from computer to computer and continue to work on the same file(s) without the “save – backup – move to other computer – save” shuffle.

The nice part is that it can open existing files, including those from Word *and* OpenOffice. If I want to collaborate with others, I can open up real-time editing mode with up to fifty other people. If I want, I can save files that I create on my personal computer in numerous formats, including PDF.

Enough about that. If you want, you can read about all the features on their site. Sure, there are other services similar to Writely, such as ThinkFree Office , but I happen to be drawn to this one because it has the power of Google behind it. Would I put sensitive documents on it right now? Probably not. For general usage, though, this is a great, free service that works on Windows, OS X, and Linux/BSD.

Happy writing.

This post was published to this site directly from the Writely service. Cool, huh?

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