Make AVG Antivirus Updates Silent

I’m ashamed that I did not notice this sooner. In my earlier post on how to make Avira AntiVir more usable, I described a way to make updates invisible.

Of course, this is also possible with AVG Free Edition, and the process is much easier. I’m documenting it here to help myself remember it in the future.

By default, AVG Antivirus will spawn a new window whenever it updates, thereby interrupting your current task (including breaking any full-screen applications). To quickly and easily prevent this from happening, launch the AVG Control Center and select the Update Manager.


Next, click Properties, and be sure to un-check the box next to “Display information about update process.”


Your AVG updates should now be completely silent. Again, I am embarrassed that I did not notice this sooner.

5 thoughts on “Make AVG Antivirus Updates Silent

  1. Man . Thanks a Ton. AVG is one of the best av i have ever used and i am totally addicted to it. But I always wanted the update process to take care by itself. As you rightly said “I am embarrassed that I did not notice this sooner.”

  2. Thanks for pointing out the location of this setting. AVG is far superior to me than Symantec, McAfee, and CA. It would be nice if all the options were in one panel but this is great information. Thanks!

  3. I realize it’s been a while since the last reply but I’ll try anyway!

    How about AVG FREE version 8.x? “Properties” are not there and I always see an error message on the system tray that leads to me doing an update and having to click to get the program update.

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