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Feeling the Digg Effect

To my great surprise yesterday I received an e-mail from my web host (1and1) stating that my account was seriously threatening the server resources. Curiously, I checked my web stats.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had received over 20,000 hits by the middle of the afternoon, and that there were currently over 200 users on my site. Huh? This was quite a jump from my average of 40-50 hits per day. A quick glance at my referals indicated what I suspected: my site was getting hammered by the “digg” effect.

Specifically, the article I wrote last December on “Imaging Windows XP for free” had been picked up by, sending an onslaught of traffic to my “Beginner” hosting package. Apparently my site buckled and 1and1 moved me to a temporary server. Their e-mail to me requested that I consider purchasing a dedicated server. I oggled at their suggested prices and quickly declined the offer.

So, I’m back and running on a different server, this time NOT hosted by 1and1. Hopefully it can withstand the strain, since I noticed that I’ve also been picked up by Lifehacker.

Google Sync (for Firefox)

Do you have more than one computer, or do you find yourself in situations where you use more than one computer regularly (such as work/home)? Do you use Firefox?

If so, you owe it to yourself to try Google Browser Sync. This slick little extension for Firefox allows you to syncronize certain aspects of the browser across multiple computers. With Browser Sync, you can unify bookmarks, cookies, history, passwords, tabs, and windows “automagically.”


This is very convenient for me, as syncing bookmarks saves a lot of importing and editing time across multiple systems, and being able to close a set of tabbed pages and home and open them at work is very slick.

It serves its purpose well, but I would like to see an option to syncronize more aspects of the browser, such as themes and other extensions. Perhaps this will be possible one day. Until then, Google Browser Sync is a highly useful extension that can save lots of manual tweaking time.

Hilarious ads…

I just added that AdSense banner on the right (hey, I have to pay for my hosting somehow), and I noticed that three of the four ads currently relate to Islam. Since Google is pushing “targetted” ads based on keywords that it finds on my site, I curiously started looking to see what on earth would cause them to focus so much on Islam.

Then I found it. This is terrible, but it has to be the case. My WordPress “tagline” above reads, “not a terrorist.” Based on that one volatile word alone, Google automatically associates it with “Islam.” How funny. Click the image below for proof.


It lives!

We’re up and running again now. Some of the content hasn’t made the switch yet (and probably won’t make it due to obsolescence), but the articles and redirects are live, and that’s the heart of this site at the moment.

I’ll be working on this off and on for a while. If you find any serious bugs, let me know.

Going live…. will soon make the switch from my personally-hacked together code base to using WordPress as its foundation. While I’m somewhat sad to be “graduating” from my personally-written HTML, CSS, and PHP, working with WordPress will make maintainance and integration much easier.

I’m also switching web hosts in the process, so we’ll see how long this takes. See you soon.