Comments on: Smartphone Meltdown – Options for Data Backup Tech Tips, Reviews, Tutorials, Occasional Rants Sat, 31 Aug 2013 15:50:35 +0000 hourly 1 By: Michael Mon, 05 Apr 2010 03:20:43 +0000 I was usuing my Omnia and was backing it up to a computer that I had not backed up to and created a new partnership. the old computer I had died and although I still have a backup somewhere of the hard drive, do not know how to recover my contacts.

When I created a new partnership it erased all of my contacts on my phone. Is there a way to import the files that were backed up on my old computer??? I do have an image od the hard drive so I would image the contacts are on there??

The old backup was XP and the new system is win 7

By: Jerry Chasteen Wed, 14 Jan 2009 02:00:07 +0000 Brian:

I just started using Funambol this week and it works great with my Moto Q. I was doing some testing to see what is involved to restore files from the Funambol server back to my briefcase. So far I have had no luck. I changed the setting in my phone to server-to-phone only and this did not work either. Backups are only good if you can access them. Can you help on this matter?


By: Ileana Mon, 06 Oct 2008 20:33:36 +0000 Thanks for the great info.

Can these backups & syncs be done through wifi rather than through the airwaves? (i.e. I don’t have a data plan).

I have a smartphone with wifi and at home I have cable internet & a Router, which means I already pay my cable provider large sums for (so far) unlimited internet access. I’ve found many sites that also have free wifi access.

I don’t want to pay the cell phone company exorbitant fees to give me something I already have. Admittedly, I lose the ability to get internet access and email anywhere and any time (sort of), but I can live with that, as I’m currently mostly working from home.

I don’t use & don’t like Outlook, except as a backup (& only have it on one computer).

My phone has also gone through several meltdowns or fatal accidents. Most recently, it stopped reading the flash drive & I deferred replacing it for a bit. Then, it stopped syncing with Active Sync through the USB cable.

I also don’t like that Active Sync (Windows mobile 5 & Windows XP) only synchronizes some of the stuff I would like to backup. It’s discouraging to get all your speed dials set up only to have to get a replacement phone & have to enter them manually. Same goes for loss of call logs, text messages, wallpaper, special ring tones, etc.

So I am currently manually emailing files to myself as attachments. I can’t install anything new to the device/phone through the USB cable.

Long term need: Making backups without Active Sync/Outlook & not using cell phone’s airwaves, but through USB cable or wifi/internet.

Short term need: loading a backup program to the phone as an email attachment, OR manually finding the files for contacts, calendar, etc.
THEN emailing them to the PC

Do you know where the contacts, calendar, speed dial, text message, etc files are located?

I’ll try the PIM backup program and try to report back.